Commonly Asked Questions

  • Why can't you use my photos?

I have a lighting style and look specific to creating my art. Often your photo doesn't have enough pixels for printing, or the lighting isn't right, or the background is too cluttered. Besides, I love working with your dog!

  • How long does the sitting take?

Photographed in your home - from start to finish no more than 2 hours.


  • What if I have More than one dog?

One dog. Two dog. Same sitting fee of $375. Add $40 for each additional pet.

  • What should I do to prepare?

I need about 7 feet of space for my backdrop and lighting. I can help clear a small space when I come! If you walk your dog it's a good thing to do before I come so that they are less active. Other than that, have some treats on hand.

  • How much artwork do i have to buy?

Sitting fee includes a finished 10 x 10" piece. Whatever else you want to buy is ala carte and totally up to you. Please see the rates for more info.

  • How exactly do you create your art?

I start with my photos shot against plain grey. I add all the color work afterward - first digitally to establish a color base, and then add paint, gels, and textures on the piece that is mounted to a wood panel. It is finished with a varnish or in some cases wax. Each piece is one of a kind!

  • What if my dog is deceased?

I'm so sorry - it's so hard! For a great memorial piece consider my offer on the In Memorium page under details. In that case I will work with your images. 

  • Do you travel outside Atlanta?

I can and  will make special arrangements to travel outside the metro Atlanta area. Please ask for a quote for travel.